Monday, March 7, 2011

Tutorial Two: Digital Imaging

It has dawned on me by watching the 'Did you know?' video that technology is incorporated in every aspect of our lives. If we take a minute to think about all the different types of technology we are familiar with the list is endless. For instance: Laptops, digital camera, video camera, DVD, VCR, television, PC, printers, photocopiers, cellphones...the list goes on!

There are many devices used to record and store information and provide this information to the wider population.

I stumbled across a really great OT blog of one individuals unique experiences in OT. It starts right at the start of her career and follows through to now. She is a frequent blogger and she has currently relocated back to her hometown and on the hunt for an OT job! She has some amazing information on her sidebars and links to other OT websites. Visit her blog site today! now I need to find a better way to have it on the side bar like she does.

Also, as you can see below I have link an awesome youtube clip called 'Did you know?'. It makes reference to the ever changing society that is technology! For those of you that don't know, Youtube is a website where anyone, anywhere can upload a video of ALMOST anything. It is the worlds largest video sharing community. I would be suprised if you have never heard of it, to be honest!

Lastly, I will be figuring out how to upload a PODCAST! A Podcast is a series of media sources either audio or video that are released periodically and downloaded through 'web syndication' (Wikipedia. (2011). Podcast. Retrieved from: This will come shortly after this post. There is an icon which is called an RRS feed icon which usually indicates the web feed for a podcast. The web feed offers users up to date information as frequently as it becomes available.

So here I to figure out how to upload one!! Wish me luck!

-- Lucy

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