Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tutorial Seven: Linking to blogs of interest and exchanging comments

I have added a wee list of both my favourite websites and some OT related websites that you can now see down the left hand side of the blog.

Also, in this tutorial I learnt how to comment on others blogs and linked to some of my classmates blogs, finding some really interesting comments and photos.
I commented on Jess's blog and her movie that she made. I found that orange haired girl who played the lead role in the movie was really amazing! ;) ;) ;) (Guess who!).

I have had a number of people comment on my blog including the lecturer and two classmates. These are comments on progress and interest.

Who has commented on my blog?!

I have used the snipping tool to show that a collegue of mine has commented on my blog.. and she said I'd make a great paediatric therapist - how nice of her!

Bye for now!


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