Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Practical Considerations Blog 6/6

"Don't downplay the importance of a gyms hours and amenities. If the place is closed at the times you can work out, or if the locker rooms make you queasy because they smell bad, you're not likely to benefit from the membership" (Lluch, 2007, p.101).

A gym membership. This is what I need to begin with in order to partake in my activity. As Lluch (2007) says the importance of the hours and amenities considerably change the value of the membership. My gym is 24/7 which is awesome because……

I was walking home from town last year and I vividly remember walking past my gym at 3am. I had lots of energy and was so keen to let loose on the treadmill. I went home, jumped into my gear and went back down to the gym. Not a person in sight. Just me and the treadmill.

Back to reality. I look down at my shoes and they’re falling apart on me. I put my hand into the compartment of the treadmill, searching for my towel, I forgot it today. I look down at my brand spanking new training pants which my boyfriend got for my birthday….there is something awesome about new training gear. I must admit, on a student’s budget, going to the gym is a luxury, one of which I couldn’t give up now. These are the practical considerations I need to evaluate before being effective in my activity.

I have recently talked about the bathrooms at my gym, with the mountain of smells. The only downfall is that there are only two bathrooms. Both of which are always taken. So I take my sweaty body home, jump into the shower and freshen up. It doesn’t matter anyway, I left my towel at home, remember!

Lluch, A. (2007). I will get fit this time! : workout journal. San Diego: WS Publishing Group.

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