Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ambience Blog 5/6

“From the music I played and the pictures I displayed to the arrangement of my equipment and the display of supplements and clothing… it had to create a warm and friendly ambience” (Deloriea, 2009, p. 140). This quote clearly depicts the way a gym presents itself in terms of how it feels and what the gym member can see and feel when entering the gym. This quote comes from a personal account from a gym owner.


Remember how I told you about the damp smell of sweat and the loud music that approached me as I made a haste exit from the changing room? This is ambience. This is what I see, hear, feel when I go to the gym. It is the overall feeling of a place. I go to the gym twice today, both having very different feelings of ambience. In the morning, the air is crisp outside and inside the gym is just as crisp, air-conditioning running full and about 20 bodies floating around the place all on their individual gym routines. They all seem fresh, full of energy and relatively happy. It makes me feel something similar and makes me motivated to keep going and working towards my goals. As I walk up the treadmill, the cleaner comes over and cleans the treadmill next to me. I often think to myself about her job while I am there and how often she cleans and if she likes her job. Having clean equipment adds to the positive ambiance of the place. Off to tech I go.


Went to the gym after tech. Afternoon, peak hour and sweat dripping faces, panting mouths and slamming of machines. I think I prefer the morning. Everyone seems too focused, too strict. There are posies of males gathered to check out each other’s muscles and the ladies who have just endured an 8 hour shift release some stress. I can almost feel the tension in the air. Ambiance. The overall feel and atmosphere of a place.

Deloria, W. (2009). Coach without a whistle. United States of America: Cornerstone Bible Publishers.

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